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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the texture and taste of Funny Nani's Pxneer compare to dairy paneer?
Our Pxneer offers a creamier texture compared to dairy paneer, whilst maintaining a neutral taste which allows it to be a versatile ingredient.

Why do we use watermelon seeds to making this paneer, and what health benefits does it offer?
Watermelon seeds are incredibly nutritious. They're packed with protein, unsaturated fats, and micronutrients such as folates. Our Nani identified these seeds have the right combo of fats and proteins to create an incredibly soft, creamy paneer alternative. We also love these seeds as they're also extremely sustainable, typically a waste or by product. The variety of watermelon seeds we use require hardly any water, grow in arid regions, and are climate change resistant.


What is the protein content per 100g?
20.6 grams


How should I store Funny Nani's Pxneer?
Store in a regular freezer (-18 to -24°C) for up to 45 days from the manufacturing date. After thawing and opening the packet, use promptly, avoid re-freezing and use with 24 hours.


Can I use Funny Nani's Pxneer in my favourite recipes that typically use traditional paneer?
Absolutely! You can prepare a wide range of dishes using our paneer alternative, including pakoras, tikkas, gravies, and even desserts like kalakand. For recipe ideas, feel free to visit our recipe page.


Can I use this paneer alternative in baking and grilling?
Certainly! Please visit our recipe page to explore more!


What is the shelf life of Funny Nani's Pxneer?
When stored frozen, it remains good for up to 6 weeks from the manufacturing date.


What is the estimated delivery time?
1 to 3 Days

Is Funny Nani's Pxneer dairy-free?



Is Funny Nani's Pxneer Lactose-Free?


Is Funny Nani's Pxneer Soya & Nut-free?

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